Branch IN/Out Calls for VTIP

Recently, we discussed with an officer that told us they were interested in applying to VTIP on previous occasions, but never did because of the In/Out call for their basic branch was “NO” for the out portion of the VTIP amendment. While we answered this question briefly in a previous post, we will provide some detail on what would happen should you decide to apply to FA49 even when your basic branch is a not for OUT calls in this post.

Can I apply to FA49 through VTIP even though my branch has a “NO” for the out call?

The short answer is yes you can apply to FA49 even with an out call of no from your basic branch. What will happen after you submit your application, is that FA49 will need to send an exception on your behalf to request a transfer.

Who qualifies for FA49 to submit an exception to policy?

Since exception to policies receive more scrutiny than regular applications, we focus more on an officer’s technical abilities demonstrated through either their undergraduate or graduate education. In short, an officer would need to possess a STEM degree and completed at least two semesters of Calculus, and one semester of Probability and Statistics at a minimum. The more technical mathematics, science, and engineering, courses you’ve completed beyond the minimum would increase the likelihood we would submit an exception to policy on your behalf.

While this is our general criteria, we always treat each exception to policy request on a case-by-case basis, so if you can demonstrate successful completion of our mathematics requirements, we will consider your application.

What are the chances of approval for an exception to policy?

While there is not a simple answer for this question, some factors that affect the final decision are: 1. The officer’s risk for promotion in their basic branch 2. Whether the branch has a low-density population or is part of a special program 3. Whether the officer currently has an ADSO that they must complete within their current branch

There are some other factors, but these three are usually the top factors that drive the likelihood of approval.


Our mission at the FA49 Proponent Office is to find the best-qualified officers to become ORSAs. If you are an officer that is in a branch with a “NO” for the OUT call on the VTIP instructions, then we still want to hear from you. We will do our best to align your talents with the multitude of opportunities we have in helping senior leaders make decisions.


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